Can a caterpillar swim?

              $ 12.95 

New Book

$ 12.95

  What happen to Griffy? 

                $ 7.95  

 Is Chicky a great cook?

                $ 7.95 

   Where does she land?

              $ 7.95  

Where is her new home?

              $ 7.95

Moonling meets Earthling

               $ 11.95

What happens to Robby?


                         Activity Books

The activity books all relate to the books. What fun, you have enjoy the story and now you can color and do other activities relating to the book.

What's That In The Dark activity book will be available in June. More books to follow.


We have joined 2 books together that relate to each other. All books are easy reading and bedtime stories for kids 4-8.  Lots of animals to learn about.  The Bumple books is a series and the child grows to love the animals.  

What's That in the Dark has picked out a lot of animals that you can hear at night.  The activity book gives the chance to know more about them.


On June 1st we will start selling t-shirts that relate to the books.  Also in June we will have our first audible book out,  Katie Caterpillar Learns How to Swim.

We are searching for stuffed animals that are made in the USA.  We hope to have those out the end of June.

In June we will be adding more t-shirts that relate to the stories.