GRIFFY GIRAFFE'S ACCIDENT - Action & Adventure Book

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3rd  Bumple book in a series of 5
  • Have you ever seen a Giraffe fly?
  • Oops, what happened to Griffy on his latest adventure?
  • Meet the amazing animals that help Griffy after his accident,


Wonderful bedtime story for kids 3-8. Griffy loves adventure and like any child is apt to get into trouble. With courage and his friends from Bumpleville, Griffy receives the help he needs. The illustrations are childlike and bring the story to life. Great book for kids facing an illness or other misfortune.

32 pages - hard cover books. 

ISBN: 0-9700952-1 


Have you every seen see a giraffe fly?

If you know a child who loves animals and loves adventure. Griffy Giraffe's Accident is a perfect book-full of fun with a happy ending. This story takes you through a problem to a solution combined with creativity and compassion.

Marie Cento – Reviewer for her cousins,

The child-like nonthreatening pictures invite the young reader along for the ride. The animals from Bumpleville show that when working together as a team, all things are possible.

Midwest Reviewer



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