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Griffy Giraffe's Accident

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Griffy Giraffe is an Athlete - Woops - What happened?

Follow the adventures of Griffy Giraffe and Eliza Elephant in this lovely and colorful children's book. These well-defined animal characters, the inhabitants of Bumpleville, are perfect for 3 to 8. Griffy has an accident during his adventure and Eliza and the rest of the Bumple animals must pull together.

The child-like, non-threatening pictures invite the young reader along for the ride. This book is also geared for the child about to visit the doctor or the hospital. The wise, old Miss Bumples, the sage of the town, show all the animals that, when working together as a team, all things are possible.

32 pages - hard cover books while they last.

For fun we will include a cute Bumple animal short story in a pdf file when you buy a book.