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Miss Bumples a Martian- Lands on Earth - Children's Fantasy Book

2nd Bumples book in a series of 5.
  • Miss Bumples, a Martian lands on Earth.
  • Oh, dear! I am stranded on Earth.
  • What Mars powers does Miss Bumples have? She can talk to animals and people.

When Miss Bumples lands on Earth, she has to find a place to live. Children will laugh in this easy reader book as she introduces young readers to the South Pole, Rain Forests, Oceans, Cities, and Deserts. Her new friends work together with curiosity, warmth, humor, and a strong desire to be helpful.  A joyful and positive book. 

32 pages - hardcover books. 

ISBN: 0-9700952-6-0


Miss Bumples, a blue Martian creature with a magic cane, finds herself on Earth. By tapping her head, she instantly and mysteriously understands what the earth characters say to her. Miss Bumples is spunky and fascinating in her resourceful search for a way back to Mars. As she romps and flies to different places, Miss Bumples stumbles upon all kinds of pleasurable characters and adventures.

Miss Bumples takes a young reader on a journey to New York, the ocean, the rain forest, the South Pole, the desert, and the jungle. This is a gentle-hearted flight of fancy with wonderful illustrations. Recommended for a child's first read-alone or a read-aloud with a parent.

Sherry Russell – Reviewer – Midwest Book Review

When Miss Bumples lands on Earth, she is frightened and disoriented. This adventure includes danger as well as solutions to her problems. Each character she meets is awed by her -she is blue and she is from Mars – yet everyone is willing to help her. Her new acquaintances are nothing like her. But, rather than focusing on their differences, they work together with what they have in common – curiosity, creativity, warmth, humor, and a strong desire to be helpful. A joyful and positive book.

Marie Cento – Freelance Reviewer – for her nieces and nephews.

Miss Bumples drifted down slowly toward the strange planet.. Welcome to the adventures of Miss Bumples, a blue furry creature who arrives from Mars to Earth. She proceeds to fly all over the planet to find a hospitable place to stay. In the process, she introduces young readers to the South Pole, rain forests, oceans, cities and deserts. Whether she gets stuck on a cactus, lands on a slippery whale, or convinces a penguin not to eat fish, her escapades are bound to make children laugh.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.



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