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  • Miss Bumples meets a penguin & a fish.
  • Miss Bumples lands on a whale.
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Miss Bumples Lands On Earth

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 Miss Bumples a Martian- Lands on Earth

Miss Bumples a blue furry creature drifted slowly toward the strange planet Earth. She proceeds to fly all over the planet to find a hospitable place to stay. In the process, she introduces young readers to the South Pole, Rain Forests, Oceans, Cities and Deserts. Whether she gets stuck on a cactus, lands on a slippery whale, or convinces a penguin not to eat fish, her escapades are bound to make children laugh.

When Miss Bumples lands on Earth, she is frightened and disoriented. Her new acquaintances are nothing like her. But, rather than focusing on their differences, they work together with what they have in common - curiosity, warmth, humor and a strong desire to be helpful. A Joyful and positive book. 

32 pages - hard cover book while they last.

For fun we will include a cute Bumple animal short story in a pdf file when you buy a book.