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4th Bumples book in a series of 5,
  • Chicky Dicky Isn't a Chicken.  She's a Super Cook!
  • Who are the animals that are on her pancakes?
  • Have you eaten one of Chicky Dicky pancakes?

Easy to read a funny animal story about the Bumple animals working together. Whether it is the mischievous beaver or the love-struck chickens. the tail-swishing alligator or any of the other lovable animals, absolutely everyone chips in with different chores. What fun eating yourself or your friends. Parents make animal pancakes with their kids. Kids will never forget the fun they had making pancakes with you.

32 pages - hardcover books.

Isbn: 0-9700952-9-5

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This delightful book is centered on the theme of teamwork. On a beautiful Sunday morning, Chicky Dicky prepares a delicious breakfast of pancakes. She is soon joined by the incredible Miss Bumples along with other eager irresistible characters.

The author weaves into her creative stories the importance of unconditional friendship and the magic of teamwork. The characters are captivating and spirited. The illustrations are charming and will engage any young reader.

Sherry Russell

The author, Jennifer Sheehan engages children with her beguiling sweet characters whose antics emphasize teamwork and friendship. Simple illustrations amuse children with their strong colors and funny details. This book will delight parents with it's emphasis on good behavior and community good.

Amy deHaas – 2 children

It's Sunday in Bumpleville, and that equals a fun day for all. These are special animal pancakes that all the animals of Bumpleville pitch in to help make. They each busy themselves with chores to make the pancakes. Each animal does this with loving care and excitement. Chicky Dicky makes the pancakes, as Miss Bumples adds her magic to shape the pancakes into the shapes of each animal.

This book focuses on cooperation and teamwork. It shows children how to look at chores in a different way. Jennifer brings to the lovable characters, in which, they bring out the good in each other, as well as themselves. I sense that every day in Bumpleville is fun. This book invites others to have a Pancake Day also. What a fun activity for families on Sunday, to read this book and make pancakes with children. Children will love reading this and participating in the making of the pancakes. Parents will love this book because it shows children that chores can be fun, thus teaching them responsibilities.

Kimberly Hayes – Reviewer

Most people have happy memories of helping prepare breakfast for the whole family. Chicky Dicky's Animal Pancakes takes that pleasant theme and adds new dimensions to it. Rather than a human family having such fun, a group of animal friends has a breakfast party.

This book is beautifully illustrated with bright images that are small, like the little people who will have this book read to them. With so many animals and so much activity, there's plenty of opportunity for the adult reader to ad-lib in some additional ideas. You will probably get some questions, too about where food comes from. Chicky Dicky doesn't take her hat off and won't say why. That can provide room for humorous conjecture as well.

After you finish reading this fine book to a child, you might want to discuss other events and times when family and friends can have a wonderful time by getting together and helping one another do things that are not nearly as much fun done alone.

Don Mitchell – Fun with Friends in the Kitchen – reviewer










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