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2nd Bumple book in a series of 5.
  • Buzz, Crash, Bang. What's that Noise?
  • Who or what is chasing Miss Bumples & her friends from their homes?
  • Where does Miss Bumples find a new home?


Easy reader chapter book with lots of action and adventure. This story will leave any child happy as new friends from all over the world, join together to build a village called Bumpleville. Miss Bumples, with her special powers, allows animals and people to speak and understand each other. A wonderful book to read before going to bed.

 48 pages - hardcover books. 

Isbn :  0-9700952-0-1



Children's book captivates kids with its endearing characters and intriguing plot lines. 

Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville is a heartwarming, uplifting tale of how Miss Bumples and her friends are forced to leave their home in the forest when a development crew invades to cut down their trees and construct houses, As an animal from Mars, Miss Bumples offers a fresh perspective on a familiar situation, Metaphysical reviews praises, “Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville” saying, “whimsical and amusing illustrations. The book offers easy to understand concepts about helping others, getting along, accepting those different from you, and even the importance of saving our forests.” Full of adventure and socially-conscious thinking, the “Miss Bumple” books are instant classics.

Richard Fuller – Metaphysical reviews.

In several interesting series, Miss Bumple teaches youngsters about helping others, getting along,accepting differences and understanding their neighbors. This one would work well as either a “read to” or “read alone” book for pre-school and early primary grades. The pictures are colorful and amusing.

Marie Beth Jones – Reviewer – Book Beat

Packaged as an animal adventure with lots o exciting ups and downs, this is actually a book that introduces children to many important concepts. Small readers find out how the animals help one another, learn that no one is excluded for being different and that we can all become good friends through caring and cooperating. In a sugarcoated way they are also taught that by cutting the woods and destroying the animals habitat, people are upsetting the balance of nature and harming the environment.

This “Miss Bumples” story celebrates the importance of friendship and helpfulness is illustrated with quirky drawings.Susan Farrington – Reviewer – Free Time – The Sanford Herald

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