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Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville

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Buzz, Crash, Bang. What's that Noise?

Why do Miss Bumples and her friends have to move? Miss Bumples, a Martian has a special language. Can you read it? Miss Bumples must find a new home for herself and her friends. It isn't easy, but she does and the town of Bumpleville is built.

A story about cooperation and teamwork, this story will leave you feeling good.  Wild animals, like Griffy Giraffe and Eliza Elephant meet forest animals like Skippy Squirrel and Bugsy Bunny.  Also, farm animals, Danny Donkey and Chicky Dicky. And don't forget the lovable Katie Caterpillar.

46 pages - chapter book - hard cover while they last. 

For fun we will include a cute Bumple animal short story in a pdf file when you place an order