Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville

Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville

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                             Buzz, Crash, Bang. What's that Noise?

Why do Miss Bumples and her friends have to move? Miss Bumples, a Martian has a special language. Can you read it? Miss Bumples must find a new home for herself and her friends. It isn't easy, but she does and the town of Bumpleville is built. A story about cooperation and teamwork, this story will leave you feeling good.  Wild animals, like Griffy Giraffe and Eliza Elelphant meet forest animals like Skippy Squirrel and Bugsy Bunny.  Also, farm animals, Danny Donkey and Chicky Dicky. And don't forget the lovable Katie Caterpillar.

Review: "Miss Bumples Moves to Bumpleville" is a delightful children's book (ages 4 to 10). With well defined animals that exhibit traits children can relate to, the characters work together to overcome all obstacles as they try to solve a mystery of a problem in their forest, try to stop the problem and then try to find an alternative place to live. The story points out that different animals (or people) have different abilities but by working together they can achieve their goals. The illustrations are very simplistic in nature but that seems to be one of the things that young children like, the illustrations look to be drawn by a young child like them. A delightful book with good positive values, it touches on a wide variety of subjects that parents may want to discuss with their children. A recommended book. Harold McFarland - The Midwest Book Review.

46 pages - chapter book - hard cover while they last.