Bumples major changes

Hi Everyone,

We are changing the website to bring it up to speed and show the products. Eliza, my niece, has joined me and is redoing the art for all the Bumples books. Griffy Giraffe’s Accident is the first. Hopefully, will do a book a month. Also, 3 new books will come out this year. 

Each book will have an E-book with animation. I am in the process of learning what kind of animation can be done in E-books.  Expect the first one to be finished at the end of May. T-shirts, wall décor and other products will also be introduced in the next month.  They will relate to all the books.

I am very excited about having Eliza on board and being able to introduce new products. Her design and artwork are truly inspiring.  Children love to look at the pictures.

I will try to keep everyone abreast of future blogs and also interested in what you think we should do.



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