Bumpleville Dog Rescue will be ready June first for 7/8 year olds.  . The 3/4 year old birthday book will be ready June 15th.t

Welcome to the brand-new children's personalized story and activity books.

The books are unique. Children's images and names will be on almost every page of the story. 

Books for three different ages groups: 3-4, 5-6, and 7,8.                                                         These books are unique in several ways.                                            Family members or friends will be included in all books. 

     A variety of games and coloring activities will be included. 

    There will be 28-32 pages to read and activities to do in each book.

    We will offer birthday books, as well as special occasion books (Christmas, Easter, and others). In addition, there will be books on other issues that offer children the opportunity to save animals or create projects. It's all done with the Bumple animals.                                                                                                     

 As an example, we will offer three different books relating to saving dogs in the spring.  The stories are fun and heartwarming.                               

  Books will help children become more confident about themselves. If they believe in themselves, they can do anything.      

                Money-back guarantee and free shipping