About Us

 Remember the carefree days of childhood when you would grab a book and sit down in a nice comfortable chair and read the book? Remember falling in love with a character and getting the stuffed animal you just read about? Remember talking to your new friend when you needed a friend?

Bumple stories and animals are your child’s new friends.

Our Mission

The Bumples Mission: Inspiring Kindness and Imagination Worldwide

Dear Parents,

At Bumples, our mission is to spread joy, kindness, and imagination to children around the globe. Through our lovable Bumple animals and captivating stories, we aim to instill in children a sense of self-worth, compassion, and a love for adventure.

The Bumple animals are more than just characters in a book – they're friends who accompany children on exciting journeys, teaching valuable lessons along the way. Whether it's a bedtime story, an easy reader, or a chapter book, each Bumple adventure is designed to entertain, educate, and inspire young readers.

Our latest addition, personalized books, takes the magic of storytelling to a whole new level. Now, children can see themselves embarking on adventures with their newfound animal friends, fostering a deeper connection and igniting their imagination.

But our mission doesn't stop there. In addition to books, we offer a range of products, from T-shirts to e-books and audiobooks, all featuring the beloved Bumple characters. We're also proud to showcase other talented authors' works on our site, expanding the literary world available to our young audience.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to promoting kindness, visualization, creativity, and literacy remains unwavering. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we empower children to believe in themselves, spread kindness, and explore the wonders of storytelling.

Warmest regards,

[Jennifer Sheehan] Founder, Bumples


About Us

Jennifer, the owner is a former physical education teacher for grades 4-8. She also coached team sports and stressed teamwork and visualization. In 1999 we started an online Bumples interactive magazine, which we ran for 20 years. In 2003 we started publishing Bumple books. We chose my aunt’s farm for the location of Bumpleville. The animals are all named after family members and friends. Jennifer is Griffy Giraffe.
Eliza, my niece, is a graphic designer and is doing most of the artwork and we are in the midst of updating the books. Eliza is the elephant in the books.
Laura will be doing thank you, birthday cards and also designing the t-shirts. Laura is the head chicken. 


Never one to rest, Jennifer embarked on a new venture – personalized books. With a mission to empower children by immersing them in adventures alongside Bumple animals, each book features the child's name and picture, fostering a sense of achievement and fun.

At 80 years old, Jennifer shows no signs of slowing down. With her niece Eliza's artistic talents enhancing the Bumple world, they're dedicated to impacting as many children's lives as possible.

We eagerly await feedback and suggestions from parents, kids, and friends alike, as we continue our journey of spreading joy and inspiration through storytelling.