About Us

Meet Jennifer Sheehan, writer and publisher of Bumples. Teacher and mentor, Jennifer offers friendly, humorous, and imaginative animal stories for kids between the ages of 4-8. The books include a variety of easy-readers and read-aloud options.

Passionate about community and teamwork, Jennifer has spent decades mentoring children of all ages, as well as coaching multiple sports teams across the east coast, helping kids to reach their full potential, physically and mentally.

As the first interactive online children's magazine, Bumples has transformed into an online family book store, offering stories from authors world-wide, as well as other items that children can enjoy with each story. Bumples also donates books to children in need, putting smiles on faces across children of all ages!

Here at Bumples, we understand the importance of children using their imaginations, and believing in themselves to reach their full potential. Our stories are relatable, fun, and revolve around important life-long values of teamwork, communication, and dedication.

We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we have, and we look forward to your feedback!