About Us

 Remember the carefree days of childhood when you would grab a book and sit down in a nice comfortable chair and read the book? Remember falling in love with a character and getting the stuffed animal you just read about? Remember talking to your new friend when you needed a friend?

Bumple stories and animals are your child’s new friends.

Our Mission

The Bumples mission is to reach children all over the world. Using the animals, we hope that children feel good about themselves, spread kindness and helping The Bumple animals and stories are fun to              read about, and children enjoy the pictures.

We have just introduced personalized books which give the child a chance to see themselves meet all kinds of fun animals.                                          They become their new friends.  

All the books are easy reader, bedtime stories and chapter books.

We will also be offering T-shirts and other products relating to the animals. Also E-books and audible. We have other authors books on our site and will bring in more.


About Us

Jennifer, the owner is a former physical education teacher for grades 4-8. She also coached team sports and stressed teamwork and visualization. In 1999 we started an online Bumples interactive magazine, which we ran for 20 years. In 2003 we started publishing Bumple books. We chose my aunt’s farm for the location of Bumpleville. The animals are all named after family members and friends. Jennifer is Griffy Giraffe.
Eliza, my niece, is a graphic designer and is doing most of the artwork and we are in the midst of updating the books. Eliza is the elephant in the books.
Laura will be doing thank you, birthday cards and also designing the t-shirts. Laura is the head chicken. 


Jamie Rescues Dogs will be out the end of March as a personalized book for 7-8 year old.
Birthday personalized book for kids 5-6 and 7-8 will be out the end of March.
Future books will also rescue animals from around the world and build buildings.