Collection: Personalized Books

Welcome to the Brand New Monthly Personalized Story/Activity Book

     Each book will have 20-24 pages to color & activities.

    The child can color themselves on every page of the story.

    A different book will be sent out the first week of the month.

    We are unique because we have colored backgrounds and other images on every page.  Child will color the rest of the picture.  

    Special issues will include 2 family members,

   We will also have special issues where two additional family members can be added. The first issue to include family will be Christmas. We will also discuss topics that kids can relate to (teamwork, courage,bullying, and shyness).

   This is a work in progress, and we are open to different ideas. We wanted to do something new and different after studying personalized books, and we believe we've succeeded.

   We will have subscriptions that you can do. Special subscription prices. At any time, you can cancel.

                   Money-back guarantee and free shipping.